Based in Cape Coral, Florida providing support in all areas of video production and post production: Camera operators, audio technicians, 4K aerial video, video production gear, full video production crewing, production support, and budgeting. AKtv has been in the business for decades. A creative company with the adaptability to service everything from cinema style commercial productions to HD live broadcasting.

Content for Websites, Social Media & Television to engage people & produce measurable ROI's

Advantages of Professional Video Production

Great video A great video is one that achieves its objective effectively, creatively, efficiently. That might mean a glossy brand video, a crafted animation or a simple ‘how-to’ guide. Whatever the output, our clients trust us because we know the best way to deliver their objectives is with video.

Experience Our video directors and producers are seasoned and experienced experts in their field and have a unique ability and skill for producing top-quality video marketing content. Additionally, they work with a range of businesses and brands and offer new perspective and ideas that your marketing team may be oblivious of. 

Regardless of the scope, our production teams consistently add attention to detail, experience and creativity to the process, making your video the best version of whatever it needs to be.

Your audience are subjected to more content than ever before. To rise above the noise and reach them, your project needs to be properly thought through and executed. As Google has shown, improving your video content’s quality is one of the best ways to improve your campaign’s overall effectiveness. Make the content great and maximize your marketing pennies.


Video Marketing

Video is Critical to Your Content Strategy

Effective Video Marketing covers all of the important aspects of marketing - branding, increasing sales, and retaining and entertaining customers.  Here's what the research says.

97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service, according to HubSpot. Websites that make effective use of video increase their likelihood of being ranked on the first page of Google results by as much as 53 times, as stated in research from Forrester. Embedding a video into a page or post nearly triples the average number of linking domains, as stated in research from Moz. 

Content Creation

Content is the Core of Your Brand

Content is what makes people take action. Video is not only one of the most popular content form in the world it's also the most powerful SEO tool in the world. 

Think of visual marketing as a first impression and content marketing as the impression that lasts. Telling the story of your brand is what builds loyalty. A content creator is someone who is responsible for the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media. As content creators we can contribute any of the following:


Graphic design

Special Effects

Music & Audio 


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