The Art of Interviews.
Making the Most of Talking Heads

Interview videos are unscripted, but the best ones tell stories.  The popularity of talking-head web videos has led to an unintended consequence: the belief that all you need for an engaging video is a camera and a speaker. We do produce those too, if that's the client's wish, but we recommend spending at least as much time shooting b-roll as the interview itself.  
Without b-roll, we’d be stuck watching minute after minute of a person sitting and talking. With b-roll, the speaker’s points can be reinforced with related imagery.

Care Alert Endorsement

Here's an example of endorsement video we produced using a single camera, shot using our portable green screen background. We composited photos behind the speaker to reinforce her story and examine the product.

Goldberg Noone Law Firm

We produced over twenty legal advice videos in one day of shooting for our friends at the Goldberg Noone Law Firm.
Shot in their conference room, utilizing two cameras on our portable green screen and then composited over a simple background with their logo.
The total production took less than a week from start to finish.


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